We offer internship opportunities for UVa students.

We have a pool of international companies all over the world but we are open to new proposals.


Doing International traineeship mobility provides the necessary teaching and learning to face the current and future labour market and society.

If you are thinking about doing an internship abroad, consider the following reasons to experience such a mobility:

You will be able to get to know different places, people and cultures and learn from them, which will enrich you as a person throughout your time abroad, and even after your placement is over.

Language improvement
This is another of the most important issues, as you will be totally immersed in the language. Moreover, during your Erasmus+ stay abroad you will undergo a language assessment prior to your mobility and you will also be able to take a free language course to improve your language skills.

Improve your CV
A stay abroad can be a great opportunity to improve your CV. A study by the European Commission shows that Erasmus students are half as likely to be unemployed and do much better in the labour market. In fact, more than a third of Erasmus students are offered a job in the company where they do their placement.

First job opportunity with a foreign company
Getting to know other work realities will help you to create a network of professional contacts that may lead to an employment contract. In addition, the University of Valladolid offers you the opportunity to take a Professional Skills Course, which will help you adapt to the needs of the company and will add value to your stay in the company.

Financial aid
In order to contribute to defraying the additional expenses derived from your stay, you will receive a financial aid depending on the standard of living in the destination country. In addition, the University of Valladolid also provides a travel allowance and an OnCampus insurance, created especially for University Students.

Academic Recognition
If you are a student, your internship abroad will have academic recognition of curricular or extracurricular credits and, if you are a recent graduate, you will have the recognition document according to the Europass model.