The University of Valladolid is committed to achieving excellence in research and innovation as key factors for sustainable growth. It seeks to provide a supportive environment where ideas are generated to conduct impact-oriented research through a network of partnerships and collaborations.

The University Institute for Research in Sustainable Forest Management (iuFOR) from the University of Valladolid is a forum for scientific and technical cooperation that develops joint and coordinated research activities, innovation, development, dissemination and technical advice. These are projected in the areas of the evaluation and conservation of forest resources, modeling and sustainable forest management, forestry and forest management, and the conservation of biodiversity.

A large catalog of experimental sites has been developed over the years. Specifically, within the forestry classrooms (also called marteloscopes), three marteloscopes were installed in Vietnam as part of the Bioecon project. A marteloscope consists of a 1-hectare rectangular plot divided into 16 subplots of 25√ó25 m (numbered from 1 to 16) in which, at least, the species, height and diameter at breast height of every tree are measured and recorded. Marteloscopes are useful for forestry-related educational programs and training purposes. A Marteloscope is a place where students, forest professionals, scientists and conservationists can discuss and sample different management scenarios for the Marteloscope. Moreover, under the forest virtual tour program, a set of virtual tours has been developed. The virtual tours are formed around online interactive forest walkthroughs in real forest realities. You can freely navigate through the Vietnam National University Marteloscope and the Thai Nguyen University of Forestry Marteloscope. You are invited to deepen in the virtual forest world!

The General Foundation of the University of Valladolid (Funge), created in 1996, is responsible for the management of various university departments and infrastructures in order to promote, in an effective way, the relationship between the University, society and the companies in its environment. In CYTUva they have compiled a database that encompasses the technological offer of the University of Valladolid which in turn is a reference of all the knowledge and transferable technology existing in the UVa. In short, a place to find all the technological offers and to connect with research groups researching in these lines.

Integration of Vietnam National University-Hanoi University of Science (VNU-HUS) in the CARE4C – Carbon smart forestry under climate change MSCA project fostered our long term cooperation with Vietnamese scientific and academic community and allowed two VNU-HUS faculty members to stay at UVa (Palencia campus) during three months working on forest dynamics and carbon sequestration under climate change. During their visit the artificial intellence tools integration in the analysis of forest carbon pools and dynamic were explored.